I am a Senior Expert Cyber Security Architect at innogy SE. I am also a computer security researcher. In the past, I have worked on computer security research in academia and industry. My focus topic is trusted computing and system security, in particular operating systems and virtualization security, software-defined networking (SDN) security, and IoT security.


This is my private homepage. Here, I share my thoughts about computer security and present research that I did in this field.



Security Thoughts

My thoughts about computer security are based on several years of both academic and industrial research and security architecture design. I always aim at including these principles:

  • Security by Design
  • Security as Enabler
  • There is no trusted network

Security Research

My research interests are focussed around the following topics:

  • Operating System Security
  • Trusted Computing
  • Smartphone Security
  • E-Health Security
  • SDN Security
  • IoT Security

Security Experience

My experience with security technologies includes the following:

  • Secure Operating Systems
  • Trusted Computing
  • Security Analysis
  • Security Models
  • Security Frameworks